Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Joker's Take on Obama's Poster

I know everyone has seen about a million parody versions of the Obama Hope poster design. While most are lame, this one rocks!!

Attack of Stock Photos

Time Magazine and the "X" Covers

I like these covers. Simple, effective. Prediction: The next time they employ the "X" cover design will be when they find Bin Laden.....

New York Times vs. Coast magazine

New York Times got ripped off by Coast magazine. Found here.

Harper's Bazaar vs. W Magazine

I'm guessing this probably isn't an intentional or direct ripoff. The Harper's Bazaar cover was done about 15 years ago and I'm sure this type of make-up/pose is fairly common in the fashion world.

Vanity Fair Does Milton Glaser Dylan

This ones goes in the tribute department. I really like this layout Vanity Fair did. It's a great nod to the famous Glaser poster illustration of Dylan.

MKE magazine vs. Milwaukee magazine

A 2009 Milwaukee magazine cover made an obvious ripoff of the now defunct MKE magazine, which was done 2 years ago. The editor is blaming the photographer, who evidently had photographed both magazines covers but did not disclose the fact that he had already done this cover concept before. Hmmmm...very interesting...