Friday, July 8, 2011

FSB & Reader's Digest Ironic Cover

FSB (Fortune Small Business) cover from May 2008 and Reader's Digest for November 2009.

Fortune Small Business specifically commissioned photographer Michael Cogliantry for the FSB cover. (The type the crook is holding was actually real and made of foam core.) Photo editor for the shoot was Katy Howe Binder.

Looks as if Reader's Digest bought secondary rights to the image and added their own type in the crook's hands.

Thanks to Scott A. Davis for the images and info.

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  1. Exactly what happened. I wasn't at Reader's Digest at the time, but they searched a stock agency for pictures of thieves, and this one popped up. They retooled the type, altered the background color a bit, and instant doppelganger!